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Our Story


Our founder, Tracy is a Hong Kong based artist. She always loves art and design and studied undergraduate design program in U.S. & Hong Kong. However she went on her career in Hong Kong in a different field for around 8 years, and then obtained a degree in MBA. 

In 2020, it was a global pandemic period when Tracy had more time to focus in art, then she started her first oil painting class in Hong Kong. She quickly found her passion in creating oil paintings and later on started to organize small art events in before starting this page.

After holding a group visit to an art exhibition in Tai Kwun, and a coffee break with a group afterwards, she realized art is real, art is sharing & art is spiritual.....etc. 


Later on, there was a kind invitation from a Thai restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui to display her paintings on their restaurant wall after organizing an art dinner there in August 2020, so she became serious, started this page and an adventurous journey in art and oil painting. 

So far I have explored many ideas since started learning oil painting in 2020 and themes for my oil paintings and recently have started to focus on topics that are love, life and relationship related. Since art is spiritual (parag. 3), I tend to create art that helps people's mind, the energy generates through the art pieces creates a momentum. Therefore I always create positive and suggestive sceneries for my paintings, it gives people the same feelings. 

For example, started to work on a new painting named "Men & Women Are So Different', this painting demonstrates my thoughts how men and women are different in some ways. Many other paintings of mine are telling others about love and relationship, "Couple Under the Skyscraper" & "Beginning of Lives" etc. 

"Beginning of lives", inspiration from past lives and future of a couple. They were lovers in their past lives, and became two colorful dragons together after death.  In their next lives, these two dragons would protect the planet. The purple dragon (female) will manage the sky, and the yellow dragon (male) will manage the land.  They then became protectors. The two dragons are supporting and surrounding each others at all angles, even if you turn it to any 90, 180, 360 angles.

"Men & Women are so Different"

"Beginning of Lives"

"Couple Under the Skyscraper" was created at my second pop up store at Stanley Plaza, HK in March 2021. It was actually a demo. painting. This happy couple lives in a modern city but they could also find love and peace in their relationship.

Although during the pandemic period, sales is not very promising. Managed to sell few small & medium size paintings, some printed fashion items at pop up stores. That' why we decided to start launching a long term offline venue, which is a shop in Hong Kong, where we could meet more customers face to face directly. And people get more understanding about what we are doing. Feel free to visit us to discuss art or oil paintings. 

shop opening, shop, opens, art shop

opening, shop opens, opened, grand opening


Our Quotes: 

"I am not afraid of competition, but will be afraid if there is no competition"

"Life is too short to dance with WHOM?"

"I love what I do"


 You are always welcome to reach our team @ (852) 5668 8137 or info@fashionistize.art for any queries.