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Customized Oil Paintings

Customized Oil Paintings:

* It's hand painted or sketched and exclusively made for you.

* Relationship Themes: dating scenes or couples, romantic scenes. Family, friends and gathering photos.

* Life Related Themes: life events such as birthdays, baby showers & memorable scenes etc.

~~* * Themes that motivates: If you want a theme that is positive attitudes, e.g. 'Lovers Do Love'

(Welcome to discuss for themes that are not listed above)

Normally takes around 2-3 weeks to work on the painting(s), depending on current projects and workload. 

Kindly attend a short discussion or lunch meeting before start the painting(s) or sketch(es) to discuss your needs and expectations, then could decide on the inspirations, themes and colors etc.

We are willing to work on almost any suggestive requirements, however only work on themes and topics that goes within our visions. 


The rate for a customized painting would be negotiable based on the size and requirements for the painting(s) during the discussion meeting before the start, and the rate is affordable. 

To book a meeting: 


or simply WhatsApp (852) 5668 1837