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Fairytale Marriage Tree

             Have you visited the Marriage Tree in Kat O?  


There was a chance I happened to come across this tree on a sunny day after visited Kat O and Ap Chau in Hong Kong (photo 1). After the visit, I found an article about the fairytale behind a Marriage Tree.

Story began with a young couple lived happily in a small village long time ago until pirates invaded the village, they took the man away to feed monsters when the young couple was passing a tall tree. The young lady didn't realized this, and waited him for a long period of time, until she realized he was almost destroyed by the monsters. 

When they felt each other's presence it was too late, because they could not recognized each other. One day, the young lady heard a voice talking to her and told her to find him when she was thinking about him, so she followed the path where the voice told her to do ' wait and walked into a forest.  

Then, she saw someone she familiar with in the forest, and realized it was him!

Not only he was caught to feed the monsters after the invasion by those pirates, and he felt abandoned by the young lady and his village because the young lady didn't realize what happened. 

The couple buried the hatchet after 'the Voice' explained to them, 'the Voice' was actually a Marriage Tree's spirit. 


The Marriage Tree's 'spirit' wishes them all the best, meaning behind the story mainly tells couples should trust and believe each other.

After the visit to Kat O around end of 2020,  'Couple Under the Marriage Tree' (photo 2) was created. This painting is now available for sale, for painting's enquires or story details behind please comment below or WhatsApp @ (852) 5668 8137.


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