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Bottleneck in Career and Life

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There was a moment when I decided to entirely changed my career to art from recruitment,  It' been a long story about this move, the coronavirus changed my life.

I never thought I would be passionate in oil painting classes before until I experienced the bottleneck stage for my career and life. Although it’s always been my dream to be an artist but never made it due to many reasons, I always focus on working in a stable industry and try to fulfill life time schedules for myself and family. Until one day in 2020 while working from home and I saw news about the number of deaths in the world, and felt life is so short to make things happen for ourselves. ‘If I don’t step out of my comfort zone, things will never happen.’’ And a pandemic period could be a good timing for making changes in career. There could be potential opportunities after this period due to changes in the society. That’s why I decided to give up on recruitment and started oil paintings classes. 

If I continue my career as a recruiter, I will be going back and forth in a cycle where I never feel satisfied, something is missing? If there is a chance to choose from stability but going downhill and taking a risk but might get what I want, I would choose the second one. 

And just so happened that a Thai restaurant invited me to display artwork on their restaurant’s wall. I realized maybe there is opportunity in this area.

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Therefore I decided to give up stability during this bottleneck period in life and take a risk.

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